Romantic relationships are one of the greatest parts of life!

But boy can they be challenging!

If you struggle with your relationship—whether that’s just the day-to-day ups and downs or if it’s big disagreements that are tearing you apart—please know that you’re not alone.

Challenges are a normal part of being in a relationship with someone else.

One thing that’s really important to know though, is that who you are & how you feel about yourself is at the heart of every relationship you are in. So let’s work on that!

We all WANT good relationships, especially with our partner!

But sometimes we do things that we think are promoting connection, but they are actually breaking us.

Here are some common examples:


We rely on our partner to make us feel good about ourselves. This is called emotional fusion and it’s a silent killer of relationships.


We self-silence, or stifle who we are, hoping the other person will love us. But this breeds resentment & contention, not connection.


We worry a lot about what other people think but this limits our ability to be authentic in a relationship which makes emotional intimacy hard!

One of the very best things you can do for your relationships is to work on strengthening your sense of self. Here are some resources to help you do that!

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A fulfilling sexual relationship is about so much more than finding good positions or dealing with low libido. This course will teach you everything your mom never told you about sex—from what’s “normal” to why body image matters. From how to be authentic to how (and why) women’s desire differs men’s. You’re going to want this!

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How to Improve my Relationships

The thing about relationships is that you can only change YOU!

But the good news is, taking a good look at yourself can have BIG effects on your relationships!

Less Loneliness. Less Frustration. More Connection.

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