I know you (because I AM you)…

You really want to have great relationships…with your kids, in your marriage, with your friends, & other family…

Helping moms reclaim who they are


  • Like it wasn’t always you sacrificing your needs for everyone else
  • Like you had time to do the things that YOU love
  • Like you didn’t need to live up to everyone else’s expectations for you
  • Or like you didn’t have to hide parts of yourself in order for others to like you

Great news! You’re in the right place!

Because guess what?! I’m ready to show you how to be a great mom without losing who you are. You’re actually going to be a BETTER mom when you can really embrace who you are instead of trying to be who everyone else thinks you “should” be.

(And as a mom with 4 boys, you better believe I know the craziness that comes with being a mom! AND, I’ve studied this in my PhD program too, so let’s chat!)

Here are courses, guides, & articles that will help you keep taking care of the people you love, without losing who you are in the process!

If you’re serious about wanting to thrive as a mom but also not lose who you are, this course is for you! We will take a deep dive into ways that you can find purpose & passion in between changing the laundry and running carpool. It IS possible to love being a mom AND to develop who you are too.

If you’re not quite ready for the full course, start out with this mini-course that will teach you all about something that moms fall prey to all the time (me too!)…self-silencing. Learn what it looks to self-silence (hint, it’s stifling your own needs in hopes of preserving a relationship), how to spot it, and how to stop.

Want to break free from feeling frazzled & stressed?

Motherhood can be a lot, but it doesn’t have to leave you feeling exhausted & overwhelmed all the time!

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