Love the Skin You’re In: Women’s Body Image Course

Being a woman is practically synonymous with battling body image. Almost all of us struggle with it! (Raises hand.) But it doesn’t have to be this way! Let’s flip the dialogue about our bodies on its head and get all kinds of comfortable in our own skin.

This Brand New Course is Great for You If:

You cringe & critique every time you pass a mirror

Oh wow! Is THAT what my hair is doing today? And what’s happening with this muffin top?

You’ve wrestled with parts of your body for as long as you can remember

In a fight with the scale? Hate shopping because it means feeling gross about your body?

You think about this all the time

Got your body image on your mind just about always?!

Enough is enough! Am I right?!

Let’s talk about what you can start doing NOW to combat those feelings. (Hint: it’s NOT accepting that every body is beautiful. It’s so much more than that.) This course will help you change your mindset about your body and get more comfortable being YOU! And don’t we all need that?