Course on Authenticity
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This online course is your guide to developing deeper connections with others and more happiness being who you are. Real-life, applicable lessons will walk you through identifying ways that you are limiting your own authenticity so you can be more comfortable in your own skin and more willing to let others know the real you.

AND…This New FREE Course Overcoming Overwhelm is Available Now

Overwhelm is something all of us feel, at least some of the time (or much of the time). If you sometimes feel like you are drowning in life, you’re not alone.

And while no one can take away the challenges of life, whether that’s just a long, long list of tasks and responsibilities or some of life’s really pressing challenges, there are some things you can do to ease the burder.

This FREE course will walk you through 3 ways that you can ease that load, even just a little.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 45 minutes of online video content presenting real-life, applicable ideas to overcome overwhelm in your life
  • Research-based but realistic and doable
  • Easy access anytime on any computer or mobile device
What to do When you feel overwhelmed

Be More Comfortable with You

Stop letting others tell you who to be and what you’re worth

Develop better relationships & more happiness as you embrace who you really are—even the stuff that’s not perfect

Hi! I’m Amber.

I’m a researcher with a master’s degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development (working on my PhD) and I love to help women live their best lives by being true to who they really are.

As you let go of who you think you should be and embrace who you are, you will find more intimacy and connection in your relationships, more happiness in your life, and more capacity to become your best self.

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    Embrace who you truly are

    Let’s go through this journey together.

    Authentically YOU

    a Transformational Online Course—Available Now!

    You can live your best life, have deeper connections in your relationships, and more happiness being who you are.

    This online course will walk you through the process of recognizing, defining, and deciding for yourself who you want to be.

    Hands-on activities, videos, and conversations about how to do this will help you make progress towards being more Authentically You!

    Get More Comfortable Being YOU!

    How do you become confident enough with who you are

    that you can allow others to truly see the real you?

    follow these steps…

    Step 1: Are you authentic?

    Are you a people-pleaser? A perfectionist? Do you worry too much about what other people think or feel responsible for others’ moods? All of these are signs that you’re not as authentic as you might like to be (none of us are). Learn why.

    Step 2: What makes authenticity hard?

    There are so many voices in our world telling us who to be and what we are worth—and often we allow those voices to define us. Take a look at some of the most common ways we all do this so that you can let those go and be more you.

    Step 3: Figure out how to be more authentically you

    OK, so what if you stop letting other people define who you are…what’s left then? Who are you then? Let’s talk about figuring out who you are at your core so that you can confidently declare “this is me!”

    You are in the right place if…

    • You are constantly trying to please everyone else to have good relationships.
    • You feel drained or overwhelmed with everything you’re trying to do.
    • It’s hard for you to connect with other people or you feel like you’d like better relationships.
    • You don’t feel comfortable with what you see in the mirror.
    • You sometimes feel responsible for other people’s moods or happiness.
    • You feel inadequate or you’re a perfectionist (or basically, if you’re human).
    “I catch myself in old habits all the time after learning this material. I have tried a lot of coaching and self-improvement courses but only this one from Amber has stayed with me. I think it is because it has the perfect mix of research-based material (so I understand how I got my habits) mixed with her relatable delivery and examples (she gave me hope and ideas on how to move forward at my pace). I can’t thank her enough for helping me self-reflect without self-hatred. I show up in my life differently after just a few lessons!”
    ~ Lisa