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Confidence. Passion. Connection.

You CAN have these things!

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Let’s create the best relationships of your life & develop a YOU to feel amazing about!

Helping your improve your relationships without losing who you are

Hi! I’m Amber.

I’m a relationship expert, educator, and researcher who teaches people to feel great about who they are and to strengthen their relationships by learning to strengthen their sense of self.

Want amazing relationships while still having time to develop yourself? Want to love yourself in ways that last? Want to find your purpose and passion between changing laundry and running the carpool?

The first step to this is to learn to let go of the need for other people’s approval. This has the power to change everything.

Want this in your life but not sure how to start?

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“I have loved learning about sense of self. What a paradigm shift!! It has led me to more learning and growth. My marriage and other relationships are doing noticeably better because I am comfortable setting boundaries. I better understand my worth, and in return, have more confidence to make decisions, take on huge new goals, and no longer let people walk all over me. Life changing!!”
~ Colleen

You can overcome people-pleasing and stop feeling overwhelmed and frazzled but under-fulfilled by the things you’re doing.

You can feel like you know yourself and have time for yourself, even while you’re loving your people.

This online course is your guide to finding your passion & purpose and remembering what makes you you, all while still juggling the busy life you have as a wife and mother.

And that means deeper connections with your husband, your kids, and your friends. It’s win-win!

You deserve this and your family deserves this. Don’t wait another day!

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