Hey! Hello! I’m Amber

I’m a chocolate-loving mom of four boys and wife to a nerdy chemist. I love spending time with other women. (With all those boys, can you blame me?!)

I also have a PhD in Marriage, Family, and Human Development and I’m all about creating incredible relationships by helping women really claim the amazing person they are. You want that too? Let’s do this!

This site is dedicated to all you busy mamas who desperately want to care for your families…but you’d also LOVE to feel like you matter too.

Can I Tell You Why?

A few years ago, I took a good look at myself and found some things lacking.

I don’t mean that I didn’t like my clothes or my hair. I don’t mean that I was nitpicking my vacuum lines or the layer of dust on my bookshelves.

What I noticed was that too many of my relationships were feeling flat. I was snipping at my kids more than I wished. Date nights felt dull. And my friendships were more filled with way more drama than I wished.

So What Did I Do?

I started to take a good look at myself and I realized that I needed to make some changes. I figured if I was the common factor in all of these relationships that felt a little lackluster, maybe that meant I needed to do some work.

And so I did. I started seeking out resources to help me take a good look at myself and become more of the woman I wanted to be. And I found some great help.

Guess Where That Led Me?

Back to school I went. What?! I did NOT see that coming. I’d graduated with my bachelor’s almost 20 years earlier! But in my quest to improve myself, I’d learned some things that I thought could really help other women too. The thing is, I wanted to really understand these things deeply, so first a master’s and then a PhD has had me doing a deep dive into research about developing your sense of self and creating thriving relationships. And I want those things for YOU!

I Realized…

Too many women, myself included, were defining their own worth by how they thought others saw them or by how much they did for other people.

I learned that we as women often stifle who we really are so that others will like us. We people-please our little hearts out to try to make them love us. And we ignore our own talents and interests in favor of taking care of everyone else.

And this doesn’t work. It leaves us feeling overwhelmed and filled with resentment. It makes us inauthentic and hard to connect with.

We. Deserve. Better.

And frankly, our families deserve for us to feel better too.

Here’s how I can help you

It takes some work to start to spot the ways that you are silencing who you really are. And it takes some work to spot ways that you rely on others to make you feel good about yourself.

Fortunately, that’s where I come in! On this site, you’ll find:

  • A membership group that will help you crush the challenges you sometimes face. (OK, or often face.)
  • Or if you prefer to do it at your own pace, try an online course that you can do from your own home.
  • I’ve also got fun articles you can read about all the different parts of your life.
  • A free audio course that I hope you’ll grab right now if you haven’t already!

That was some deep stuff. Now let’s have some fun!

Amber is…

  • A lover of cookies (did I already mention that?), hot chocolate, good books, summer nights, friends, and Zumba.
  • Who feels happiest when working on a project, passionate about empowering women, and tired by 10:30 every night.
  • Who needs enough sleep each night in order to be a nice mom, date night each Friday (the best!), and good talks with people who inspire me.
  • Who gives really awkward hugs (not much of a hugger), cookies to neighbors, and after-school snacks to hungry teenage boys each afternoon.
  • Who fears vomit and snow. No really. I mean, there are worse things, but those ones get me panicking just a little! Ask my kids how well I handled them being sick…
  • Who would like to see more women feel great about who they are, who step up and use their talents, and who make this world a better place by being themselves.
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