Mom guilt doesn’t have to be a thing…

& being a mom doesn’t have to suck the life out of YOU

Your wants, dreams, & goals are core of you and you need to come back to them through your motherhood journey

Let me unteach you what the world has taught you about being a woman with this free podcast

How to Let Go of Mom Guilt

Out with the “OR”

Feeling like you can be a mom OR follow your dreams

Feeling like you can be a mom OR do work you love

Feeling like you can be a mom OR a good friend

In with the “AND”

Being a mom AND chasing your goals

Being a mom AND loving your hubby

Being a mom AND spending time doing things you love

I’ve been that mom who’s overwhelmed by everything on her to-do list but bored with it all at the same time. Like sure, there’s always laundry to be done or permission slips to sign, but sometimes I wanted to do things that felt a little less mundane and a little more fulfilling.

I can’t get rid of your piles of laundry (I’m not magic darn it!) but I CAN help you find real, doable ways to feel good about carving out space for yourself even in the midst of your relationships.

And that feels GREAT! (I know because I’ve tried it.)
Dr. Amber A. Price

I know how busy you are! That’s why I made this an audio course so you can listen while you do those dishes or while you drive the kids to practice.