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An in-depth online course designed for busy moms that will help you find passion & purpose, feel great about who you are, & create the best relationships of your life, all in between changing the laundry & running the carpool.

You love your people, and you want to take care of them…but sometimes you wonder

What About ME!?

  • You wonder (and sometimes want to scream) why is it constantly me being the one to sacrifice?
  • Your to-do list is long and overwhelming but not all that fulfilling most days. Sigh.
  • You’re a people-pleaser and you know it, but how do you stop?!
  • You’re not sure you love who you see in the mirror
  • And some of your relationships are feeling pretty blah (at best)

What you REALLY want is

  • To feel confident about who you are
  • Better relationships—with your husband, your kids, your friends
  • A sense of direction, passion, & purpose
  • Time to yourself to do the things you love
  • Less flying off the handle, more peace, calm, and connection
  • To feel like you matter too

That’s exactly why I created Authentically YOU!

Stop nagging all the time & numbing with mindless scrolling. Stop feeling frazzled & stressed. Start smiling more, learn to LIKE yourself, and start loving your life & and all the people in it.

This course is built on research but also comes from my own experience. Can I tell you a little of my story?

Several years ago, I found myself wanting to feel better about me

But I knew that meant I needed to confront some things in myself. Yikes!

I was living a good life with 4 kids and a great husband. I had a home-based business and good friends.

Yet somehow I found myself grumpy more often than I wished, feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, and feeling like everyone else’s needs were taking priority over my own.

And deep down, I knew that if that was going to change, I had to be the one to make it happen.

I learned some important lessons about taking responsibility for myself and not managing other people. I learned to strengthen by sense of self. It wasn’t easy, but what I learned and did in my life means I have a better marriage, I snip at my kids less, I feel better in my body, and I feel like I have purpose and passion. And that feels GREAT!

I want that for you too! (And that’s why I created this course.)

This course is not like any other

It’s specifically designed to cut through the noise of self-help “experts” who are adding to your list of “shoulds.” It’s entirely backed by research but features real-life, applicable, actionable items that will make a difference in your life in ways you didn’t even know you needed.

Participants Love This!

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5 star rating
I love this course! I learned so much about myself! I learned about the things that I do that diminish my sense of self and the ways that I can do better. I know that these concepts, when applied will improve my relationships with myself and others and bring more happiness into my life! I highly recommend Authentically You!!
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I’m so grateful for this course! I’ve been able to understand myself and my relationships so much better. I’ve realized a lot of my stress comes from expectations I think others have. I’m challenging myself to take this course again and again so I can continue on this journey. Amber’s examples and stories are so helpful. It’s an engaging and enlightening course!!

Authentically You! is designed for busy moms. That means that it’s packed with amazing video content that you can watch from home between shuttling kids to practice and making dinner!

A Peek at the Curriculum:

Phase 1: Emotional Fusion

What on Earth is that?! Think codependency or needing approval from everyone else. We will walk through TONS of examples of this (because guess what?! We all do it more than we think!), talk about why it’s such a problem, and learn to take ownership of ourselves.

Phase 2: Self-Silencing

This is exactly what it sounds like—silencing who you really are. And unfortunately, most of us do this more than we realize. Let’s break out of that habit and learn to strengthen our sense of self in ways that you’ve probably never considered before. It feels great to live this authentically!

Phase 3: Seeking Validation

Oh boy, do we love to do this! We’ll have already covered how problematic needing others’ approval is in the previous two sections. Now is your chance to dig into HOW this happens. We’ll look at body image, “shoulds,” comparison, and boxes we put ourselves in. And we will practice real ways to break free!

You Also Get:

  • A beautiful workbook with journaling prompts and actionable items you can try for every single lesson.
  • Free downloadable phone wallpaper & printables so that you can remember what you’re working on!
It’s Time to Do This:

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The course includes assignments & a workbook so you can practice what you learn. Watch yourself grow & develop over time!


Love the idea of this course but prefer working with others or need it in smaller doses and with a little accountability?

Check out the Confidence & Connection Membership Program for the same great content but delivered in a monthly group membership format!

Meet Your Instructor

Hi there! I’m Dr. Amber A. Price! I’m a relationship educator & researcher who teaches women to feel great about who they are and to strengthen their relationships by learning to take ownership of themselves.

I’ve got a PhD in Marriage, Family, and Human Development which was the perfect degree for me because I love relationships!

I also get really excited when I talk about the things this course & my research are about: claiming ownership of yourself and learning to let go of the need for others’ approval. That’s because I know how much these things can change your life!

But more importantly, I am the mom of 4 boys and wife to one wonderful chemist. I also LOVE cookies and chocolate in basically any form. I love being around friends, summer nights, reading and learning, date night with my hubby, the color pink, and I drink hot chocolate just about every single day year-round.

Mama, I know you!

You’re so used to doing everything for others that you don’t take time for or spend money on yourself very often. It’s hard to pull the trigger on something like this.

But enough is enough. This. Matters.

  • Your family needs your transformation too. You’re going to be better for them when you’re better for yourself.
  • Your mental health is bearing the brunt of sacrificing your own needs. That’s not good for anyone.
  • Your relationships are not going to get better if you don’t do something about them. Real connection takes effort.

It’s time to say YES to caring for yourself & to creating amazing relationships.

Let’s do this! Sign up now:

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact me if you’ve got other questions!

You will have lifetime access to the course. This will give you plenty of time to go through all the modules and lessons and apply them to your life. In fact, go through it more than once if you’d like!

If your friends want to join you in taking this course! But please keep your purchase within your household. People outside your household will need to purchase their own copy.

If you’re someone who likes to take things at her own pace or who wants to be able to go back and revisit topics, this course is a great option for you!

If you’re someone who needs a little nudge to take time for things like this or who loves the support of other women, the membership might be a better fit.

The actual watch time for this course is about 9 hours. However, there are deep topics to cover and homework assignments to do, so it is recommended that you take things at a fairly slow pace to allow time to really process what you are learning.

This course is developed with moms in mind. That being said, the topics are applicable to anyone, so your husband or teenager might be interested in working on it with you.

If you decide to try the course and really get started for two weeks and don’t find it helpful, contact me for a full refund.