You love your people & you want to take care of them…

but sometimes you wonder, what about me?!

  • You wonder…why is it constantly me being the one to sacrifice?
  • You’ve lost a sense of passion and purpose of your own
  • You’re overwhelmed but under-fulfilled by the things on your to-do list
  • You’re a people-pleaser and you know it, but how do you stop?
  • You’re not sure you love who you see in the mirror
  • And some of your relationships are feeling pretty blah

How to Be Myself in Relationships

What you really want is…

Confidence in your choices & direction in your life

Better relationships and real connection…with your husband, your kids, your family, and your friends

A feeling of self-love & self-acceptance/Security in who you are

Emotionally stability (like keeping your cool when everything goes wrong)

Time for yourself to do the things you love

To feel like you’re being your real self

That’s EXACTLY why I created

Learn to Love Myself

This is for you if you want to:

  • Like yourself again (remember how you felt as a kid?)
  • Smile more, feel frazzled less
  • Stop needing to numb your feelings with your phone or your drink
  • Enjoy being around your kids and husband instead of nagging all the time
Real Connection with Others

This course comes from years of conducting and reading research in my master’s and PhD programs AND my own experience! Let me tell you a little of my story…

Several years ago, I found myself wanting to feel better about the person I was…

But I knew that meant I needed to confront some things in myself. I was living a good life with 4 kids and a great husband. I had a business and friends. Yet somehow I found myself grumpy more often than I wished, feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, and feeling like everyone else’s needs were taking priority over my own.

When I took a good look at myself, I could see that I was allowing other people’s expectations to dictate how I lived my life…instead of choosing for myself who I wanted to be.

As I worked to improve my sense of self by removing the need to gain approval from the world around me, I found that my relationships got better, I felt more like myself, and I am becoming someone I really like. And that feels amazing!


This course is not like any other.

It’s specifically designed to cut through the noise of self-help “experts” adding to your list of “shoulds.” It’s entirely backed by research but features real-life, applicable, actionable items that will make a difference in your life in ways you didn’t even know you needed.

Take a look at what we’ll cover:

We will start by looking at 3 barriers to real connection and self-love:

How to create better relationshipss

And we will take a deep dive into ways that you are looking to others for approval:

How to stop seeking validation

(Don’t worry, we all do these things. But you can’t fix what you can’t see, so it’s important to find these in yourself. Then, I’ll help you stop doing these and figure out what you want to replace them with. This will help you not only create real connection in our relationships but also to find real fulfillment in who you are!)

Love yourself

I love this course! I learned so much about myself! I learned about the things that I do that diminish my sense of self and the ways that I can do better. I know that these concepts, when applied will improve my relationships with myself and others and bring more happiness into my life! I highly recommend Authentically You!!


I’m so grateful for this course! I’ve been able to understand myself and my relationships so much better. I’ve realized a lot of my stress comes from expectations I think others have. I’m challenging myself to take this course again and again so I can continue on this journey. Amber’s examples and stories are so helpful. It’s an engaging and enlightening course!!


This course is packed with amazing video content that you can watch from home between shuttling kids to practice and making dinner!

A Peek at the Curriculum:

Phase 1: Emotional Fusion

  • Lessons: Taking Ownership of Yourself (& Only Yourself), What IS Emotional Fusion, Emotional Fusion vs. Emotional Intimacy

Phase 2: Self-Silencing (& Other Aspects of Self)

  • 12 Lessons including What is Self-Silencing, Who Am I?, Having a Strong Sense of Self, Breaking the Silence, Living with Authenticity

Phase 3: Seeking Validation

  • Lessons: Validation & Desired Reputation, “Shoulds,” Comparison, Body Image, Labels & Boxes

Bonus Lessons:

  • Claiming Who You Are, Challenging Yourself, The Power of Women

You also get:

  • A spiral-bound workbook filled with journaling prompts and action items so that you can easily integrate the things you learn into your life
  • Free printables or phone wallpaper with each lesson to help you remember the things you’re learning

Special Launch Pricing: $247


How to be yourself
How to love yourself

“I have tried a lot of coaching and self-improvement courses but only this one from Amber has stayed with me. I can’t thank her enough for helping me self-reflect without self-hatred. I show up in my life differently after just a few lessons!”


Amber A. Price

Meet Your Instructor:

Hi there! I am Amber. I’m a relationship expert, educator, and researcher who teaches women to feel great about who they are and to strengthen their relationships (we’re talking real connection) by learning to let go of the need for other people’s approval.

I’ve got a master’s degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development and I will soon have a PhD in the same field! I study all the things we talk about in this course: self-silencing, emotional fusion, and how when you are yourself, your relationships are infinitely better.

But more importantly, I am the mom of 4 boys and wife to one wonderful chemist. I also LOVE cookies and baking and chocolate in basically any form. I love being around friends, summer nights, reading and learning, date night with my hubby, the color pink, and I drink hot chocolate just about every single day year-round. And I love feeling real connection with others.


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You’re so used to doing everything for someone else that you don’t take time for yourself or spend money on yourself very often.

But enough is enough. This Matters!

  • Your family needs your transformation too. You’re going to be better for them when you’re better for yourself.
  • Your mental health is bearing the brunt of sacrificing your own needs.
  • Your relationships are not going to get better if you don’t do something about them. Real connection takes effort.
How to stop feeling overwhelmed

It’s time to say YES to caring for yourself & to creating real connection.

Let’s do this!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long do I have access to the course? Do I have a limited amount of time to complete it?

A: You will have lifetime access to the course. This will give you plenty of time to work through the modules and lessons and to apply them in your life. In fact, you can go through it more than once if you’d like!

Q: Can I let others watch the course after I purchase it?

If your friends want to join you on this journey, that’s great! But I ask that you each purchase your own copy of the course.

Q: Who would you recommend this course to?

The principles in this course are fitting for anyone but it was created with the idea of helping women because I believe when you help a woman you help everyone.

Q: How long will the course take me to complete?

A: There are about 9 hours of recorded material in the course with several YouTube videos to watch throughout as well (which are linked for you in the course content), so the actual watch time will be a little over 9 hours.

There is also homework throughout which I HIGHLY recommend completing. And it can be really helpful to take it slow enough that you will be able to apply the principles you are learning before moving on to the next section. Ideally, it will take you several months, though the truth is, whatever works for you will be GREAT!

Free free to contact me with other questions!