A mini-course designed to help you ditch your insecurities, feel less overwhelmed, and confidently show up as your authentic self. 

Raise Your Hand If…

  • You sometimes feel like you can’t really be yourself with other people
  • You cringe or judge yourself every time you look in a mirror
  • You want passion and purpose but you don’t know what that looks like anymore
  • You’re a people-pleaser and you know it but you don’t know how to stop
  • You feel guilty if you spend time doing things for yourself

What If Instead You…

Felt Great About Who You Are!

This world is filled with comparisons and “shoulds” but you don’t have to live by those. Learn how to shed those habits and feel good about yourself on your own terms. This creates a kind of confidence you will love!

Had a Sense of Direction & Purpose

Remember when you had big dreams for yourself, goals that you were working on, hobbies that you loved? Reclaim that sense of purpose and passion in your life…in between running carpool and making dinner. You CAN have both.

Had Time for Yourself AND Great Relationships

Go to dinner with friends, try a new hobby, take time to read a book…without feeling guilty. Balancing your self-care with loving your people makes for better relationship AND a happier you.

Grab This Digital Mini-Course Now!

And learn how to develop your self-worth in ways that leave you feeling confident and connected!

What’s Included:

Listen Anywhere

This 1-hour course is available as video or audio so that you can even listen while you fold laundry or make dinner.

Workbook Pages

Once you’ve listened, take action! Journal through your workbook and start today to apply the principles in your life.

Not Like Any Other

This course is NOT filled with gimmicky self-esteem tactics you’ve heard before. This is confidence GOLD.

Better Together

This course is specifically designed to pair perfectly with the connection mini-course. Take these courses together to find the real magic in feeling great about who you are and having relationships that rock (because these things go together)!

Bundle and Save! Get Both for $47!

Meet Your Instructor

Hi there! I’m Dr. Amber A. Price! Iā€™m a relationship educator & researcher who teaches women to feel great about who they are and to strengthen their relationships by learning to take ownership of themselves.

I’ve got a PhD in Marriage, Family, and Human Development which was the perfect degree for me because I love relationships!

But more importantly, I am the mom of 4 boys and wife to one wonderful chemist. I also LOVE cookies and chocolate in basically any form. I love being around friends, summer nights, reading and learning, date night with my hubby, the color pink, and I drink hot chocolate just about every single day year-round.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why self-esteem isn’t the best way to measure your self-worth and what works better
  • How to feel like you can be your true self without worrying about what other people think
  • How to feel a genuine sense of self-acceptance
  • How to step outside your comfort zone to do things you’ve always wanted to do but have been too anxious to try

It’s time to do this! You are worth it!

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